Peace & B i e b e r.

Valentina, 18+, Italian. It's not easy, but I'm not giving up. Always believe and never say never. Music, Food, Bed are my best friends :) I love you mom. ♥

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i dont even sleep anymore i just die for a couple hours each day

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Theory #39 - Ezra is a P.I.


So lately everyone has been wondering, what is Ezra’s story? Is he -A? Is he not -A? Was he with Ali? WHAT IS HIS CONNECTION?

So picture this. Ezra is a private investigator. Hired by Peter Hastings. My theory is that Ezra was hired by Mr. Hastings, and became obsessed with Alison. Let’s take…


I’m still waiting for this!


I’m still waiting for this!


Does Ian Harding have a girlfriend because I volunteer

harry-osbored said: Radley Sanitarium is not only an anagram for "Mary A. Dilaurentis," but also, "A Dilaurentis Army"!!!


OMG! x

Don’t you dare tell me that Sasha is a bad actress.

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“Mi hanno piantato dentro così tanti coltelli ,
che quando mi regalano un fiore all’inizio non capisco neanche cos’è.
Ci vuole tempo.”

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